About the Author

Denise Rowe, a lifelong lover of the arts, first began to apply her pen to creative writing in the early 90's as she was simultaneously learning the power of symbolism. Through the discovery of metaphor, a whole "library of images" opened up for her and became a powerful therapeutic tool for her to utilize in her work with inner healing. Learning to "paint" word pictures which combine the playfulness and simplicity of child-likeness gave her a way of reaching the vulnerable places of the heart with healing imagery. The theme of Denise's writing centers on inspiring people to become who they were meant to be, while addressing those things which interfere - like shame, grief, fear and abuse. She has built a fifteen-year collection of poetry, creative prose, and short instructional pieces, which she hopes to bring into publication. Her first release is Dragonfly Denny: the Pursuit of Destiny.

Currently in private practice as a licensed mental health practitioner, Denise has also taught at the college level in the area of social psychology. Periodically she has led workshops on a variety of topics for emotional healing and spiritual development. She and her husband reside near Lansing, Michigan. They have two grown sons - Justin and Jeremy.